Feb 10, 2013

ef - a fairy tale of the two.

Hirono Hiro is a high-school student, and secretly a shoujo mangaka, to all but his childhood friend and ko
uhai, Kei Shindo.
One cold Christmas after meeting a mysterious woman in church, a strange girl steals his bike..
Running after her, he finds her collapsed on the street.
Learning her name is Miyamura Miyako, and that her bag was stolen by a man on a motorbike, Hirono finds himself spending time with Miyako, much to the dismay of Kei...

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Supernatural

Manga Status:
ef - a fairy tale of the two. (2006) / 9 Volumes (Hiatus) by KAGAMI Yu, Mikage & MIYABI Juri
Anime Status:
(07.10.2007 till 23.12.2007) / TV Series, 12 episodes
ef - a tale of melodies. (07.10.2008 till 23.12.2008) / TV Series, 12 episodes

Kuze Shuuichi / 久瀬修一 - February 15

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